Night Flight

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Night Flight

Do you want your freedom back? Speed up, don’t be afraid and let the journey begin!
Brilliant flying experience and gorgeous 3D graphics. Addictive and challenging gameplay, adventure, explosive power-ups and incredible effects. Find your way to collect gold stars and defeat enemies!

• “Incredible production values, fantastic level design, and wonderful gameplay along with a great challenge, it’s very easy to recommend this first title from Rebel Twins.” -The App Shack

• “What makes Night Flight stand out the most are the impressive graphics. Not only are the graphics well-designed but they are also imaginative. It was like being trapped in a little kid’s nightmare. I loved the style of the game, and I couldn’t get enough of the little teddy bear’s personality” -148Apps

• “Dodging seeking missiles adds an exhilaration to the aerial acrobatics, and for those who enjoy flying arcade action, this purchase certainly won’t steer you wrong.” -AppSpy

• Hours of gameplay
• Colorfull 3D graphics
• Intuitive touch controls
• Challenging and varied levels
• Realistic physics
• Non-stop action!
• Online Leaderboards: compare scores with players from around the world
• Facebook and twitter integration

Keep your eyes wide open and get ready for something amazing!


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